Amateur Photographer

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A view from the Cloisters

Looking out over the Hudson River on a rainy day.


Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful photo...i used to hang out at the cloisters when i was a teenager growing up in nyc...tapestries with unicorns were cool when you were a geeky kid...and i always seem to remember it being grey and rainy on days we went there. this photo evokes those memories"

you're definitely showing a good thoughts on photography is that the best photographs do evoke the first photos on your site, which are more landscape-y, don't do as much for me (they're nice photos, of course, of beautiful places....). keep working on seeing how light affects the photographs...time of day, early am or late afternoon light always seems to bring out hidden pieces of landscapes or buildings or even people.

my 2 cents...great work!


J. Raimundo said...

nice one, curious tree..