Amateur Photographer

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Calm before the Storm


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Wendy. Beautiful!


Clueless in boston said...

Great picture for a Palm Treo.

Shutterupshutterbug said...

LOL! How did you know I took it on a Palm Treo?

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks for your comment and signing up as a follower- I'm flattered! I lived in NJ long ago, in Bergen County. Looks like you may be in a more rural area. Your NYC pix whet my appetite. That's where I grew up and I'm looking forward to visiting family in the area Christmas weekend. I'll be stopping by your blog again to see your work.

Bob Crowe said...
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Anonymous said...

Quite interesting photos to be seen around here.
This one is quite unique.

I noticed you have signed up as a followe on my humble blog. I must say that's very nice from you.
I'll do the same but to be fair I must tell you that for the moment by I'm not quite a great visitor. So please don't think I'm rude, it's just that with winter it seems I've lost some of that magic photo touch.

But I'll keep this "shutterup-shutterbug" under eye!