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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Year's Resolution

I am your constant companion.
I am your greatest asset or heaviest burden.
I will push you up to success or down to disappointment.
I am at your command.
Half the things you do might just as well be turned over to me,
For I can do them quickly, correctly, and profitably.
I am easily managed, just be firm with me.
Those who are great, I have made great.
Those who are failures, I have made failures.
I am not a machine, though I work with the precision of a
machine and the intelligence of a person.
You can run me for profit, or you can run me for ruin.
Show me how you want it done. Educate me. Train me.
Lead me. Reward me.
And I will it automatically.
I am your servant.
Who am I?

I am a habit.

-Author Unkonwn

This is my mantra for 2009

"Breaking a habit starts with courage,
ends with discipline,
and is fueled by desire".



George Townboy said...

Awesome mantra for 2009, I'm adopting it as well! Thank you. And Happy New Year to you!

Shutterupshutterbug said...

Thanks George! Happy New Year to you, too!

Clueless in boston said...

Great New Year's resolution. I've learned not to make resolutions, but I am going to be more religious about going to the gym this year:)

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Shutterupshutterbug said...

Being a personal trainer, I'm going to say, that is a great start!! Have a great 2009. Looking forward to seeing your new posts in the new year.

Loren Fay. said...

pretty cool, i like this.