Amateur Photographer

Friday, December 26, 2008


For more beautiful sky pictures, go to


Steffi said...

Very beautiful sunset!I love such pictures!
My daughter Anne was in october in NYC (you can see some pics in my blog -october)...and since this time she loves N.Y.!Thank for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunsets, nicely done.

Pardo said...

Nice sunset. Your photos are very beautiful for someone just starting out. Keep up the good work.

John said...

Very nice captures and nicely composed.
The Nikon D700 have a much better hi iso performance than a D100.
When shooting evening/nightshots with a D100 I think you have to use a tripod and iso 100/200.

Shutterupshutterbug said...

Thanks John, that is very helpful!!

Arija said...

Lovely shots. Love the middle one with the flash lit foreground.
Aslo am in tune with your sentiments in the tw posts above. Only we can heal ourselves.

Don said...

Absolutely stunning. What can't you do. Of course my favorite is the first picture of you.

Keep taking those beautiful pictures and adding your dose of beauty to the world.


Shutterup-Shutterbug said...

Thanks Don. It's so nice to hear from you again. It's always too long between "chats".