Amateur Photographer

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jr. Photographer

This blog was put together by my 11-yr. old son. He took all the pictures and then edited them and put the captions. A new photographer in the making.


Even dogs get lost in space. Truly mans best friend. Dogs can be your medication for cheering up if you accept them as a pal and play with them

How can you deny that face. "Come and play with me!"

"YAY FETCH!" "That was fun." A true companion.

"I got it!" Watch out tank coming through!

"Almost there hold on." "Here you go."


Anonymous said...

Tank is such a cutie pie!

I met this young couple in last month's travels who had a welsh corgi and his name was Paxil. I asked them why they chose such an odd name, and they said with a pup as cute has he is you can't help NOT to be depressed!

Furbabies bring such joy to our lives.

Saretta said...

What a cute doxie! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

PJ said...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your son keeps working on the blog. A great start with these photos and captions. Dogs are great friends.