Amateur Photographer

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Walk Along the Hudson at Dusk

1. I love the sea gulls on the stumps in this picture

2. I don't like the way I edited this one. I think I'll try this one again. . . yep, that's better!

3. I like this one. I'm not sure why, but I do.

4. I have this thing about tattered wood. I think it makes great pictures!

5. I thought the chain was cool.

6. These remind me of the fairy ride at Disney Land. The sky reminds me of cotton candy.

7. I like the contrast that I saw in this shot.

8. Again, I liked the sea gulls

9. I like the way the red stands out against all of the old rusty metals.


Anonymous said...

Love the paddle wheel boats!

When I was staying at a campground in KY last fall, I was fortunate to watch the Delta Queen paddle by several times. I had a riverside spot. Felt like I was transaported back into time.

You would like my buddy's photography. Rich Charpentier (check out his site). Tell him ol' Lois Grebowski sent ya. I think you'll like his work. It's awesome!

Steffi said...

Great photos!Perfect!